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Hot rolled corten a structural steel stock in China


CCS Grade B hot rolled steel is a ordinary strength marine steel plate. Our plates and sheets thickness are supplied up to 150mm. We have stock of corten a structural steel, CCS Grade B hot rolled steel: 5.5*2790*10680, 27*1700*4350, 18*2000*10000, 9*2310*7060, 27*1700*4350, 45*2200*10000, 12*2000*10000, 16*2000*10000, 50*1770*7730, 14*1800*10000, 14*2000*10000, 11*1650*9000, 75*1050*9140, 40*2200*10000, 18*2000*9820, 14*2000*10000, 30*1500*6000, 75*1430*9140, 40*2000*8000, 80*1800*7000.

According to the market forecast released by Eurofer on August 5, the output of all corten a structural steel steel consumption industries in the European Union will drop by 12.8% in 2020, and rise by 8.9% in 2021. However, the European Union said that the government's "awesome strength" support will reduce the corten a structural steel steel consumption intensity in the construction industry significantly less than other industries.

Phosphorus element (P element) is brought into steel by ore. Generally speaking, phosphorus is also harmful element. Although phosphorus can increase the strength and hardness of corten a structural steel etc. steel, it also causes the decrease of plasticity and impact toughness. Especially at low temperature, it makes steel significantly brittle, which is called "cold brittleness". The higher the phosphorus content is, the greater the cold brittleness is. Therefore, the phosphorus content in corten a structural steel etc. steel is strictly controlled.

The European Iron and Steel Industry Union (Eurofer) has sent a letter to the president of the European Commission, asking the Commission to review the existing trade safeguard measures immediately, proposing to reduce the steel import quota by 75% within six months to help the European steel industry cope with the current difficult situation; For imported steel exceeding the quota, the tariff rate can be reduced to less than 25%. Europe has also proposed restrictions on corten a structural steel and so on steel imports related to crisis and safety.

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