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2 1/4 inch plate corten a widely usage stock


Weather resistant steel, as a new generation of advanced steel materials, has atmospheric corrosion resistance 2 to 5 times that of ordinary carbon steel. The longer it is used, the more prominent the corrosion resistance. Because it has the characteristics of rust resistance, no coating, thinning and consumption reduction, labor saving and energy saving, weather resistant steel can be applied to steel structures used in buildings, vehicles, bridges, towers and other long-term exposure to the atmosphere, corten a widely usage and can also be used to manufacture containers and railway Structural components such as vehicles, oil derricks, seaport buildings, and oil platforms.

After 1975, our equipment includes blast furnaces, electric furnaces, vacuum refining furnaces, and electroslag furnaces. The product varieties are relatively complete. Plates, corten a widely usage tubes, wires, belts, and profiles have a certain scale, including magnetic, elastic, expanded, bimetal and other precision alloy materials for national defense and electronics industries. In 1982, these plants produced 364,000 tons of corten a widely usage steel and 542,000 tons of steel.

Today, the domestic financial market generally recovered, boosting market confidence, the purchasing activity increased, and corten a widely usage prices rose. At present, the current steel production enthusiasm is high, corten a widely usage production continues to maintain a high level. At the same time, the market has certain expectations for the release of demand in the peak season, and corten a widely usage consumption is expected to improve in the later stage. Under the prosperous supply and demand, it is expected that the short-term corten a widely usage prices will be strong.

The theoretical weight of seamless steel pipe is the weight per meter of steel pipe calculated by the calculation formula: meter weight = (outer diameter - wall thickness) * wall thickness * 0.02466, in which the outer diameter refers to the farthest distance between the outer walls on both sides of the steel pipe, and the wall thickness is the thickness of the seamless steel pipe wall. The weight per meter of corten a widely usage seamless steel pipe is calculated by the formula. If you want to get the weight of the whole seamless steel pipe, you should multiply the actual length of the steel pipe.

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