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What is the service temperature of corten a material property


With our own engineers, metallurgists and CAD draftsmen, we can provide total support from design through to machined casting. OEM precision casting investment corten a material property casting auto parts, customized investment casting auto parts, custom precision casting automobile parts, truck casting iron fitting parts. Precision Casting: Tooling making → Wax pattern → Shall making → Chemical analysis → Pouring → Measurement & inspection → Heat Treatment → Processing → Finished product.

The company has new project in Peru. It is about more than 2000 tons corten a material property, LSAW steel pipes and large diameter pipe fittings, an repeat order for Peru Goverment. The fittings include Manhole, big Elbow, Bifurcation, etc. Since 2012 when we cooperated with the Peru Goverment to operate the hydropower project, they have repeat orders for us almost every year.

Mg element can reduce the number, size, distribution and morphology of inclusions in steel such as corten a material property. Micro Mg can improve the size and distribution of carbides in bearing steel. And the carbide particles of bearing steel containing magnesium are fine and uniform. When Mg content is 0.002% - 0.003%, the tensile strength and yield strength of the steel increase by more than 5%, and the plasticity remains basically unchanged.

Under normal exposure to the atmosphere, corten a material property, bare steel forms a tight protective oxide film during the first few months of atmospheric corrosion. Sometimes architects choose bare steel structures because they want to get the appearance of uniform atmospheric oxidation on the steel surface, and sometimes they are to save the protective coating for economic purposes. To use these low-alloy high-strength steels in a bare state, the design must consider that the surface of the steel cannot be wet for a long time, and special attention should be paid to the special atmospheric environment to ensure that the corrosion rate of the steel is allowed under this condition.

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