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UAE corten a steel mechanical property inventory


The company operates on the principles of fairness, objectivity, science, pragmatism and integrity. The management treats people with courtesy, takes sincerity as the standard management, dares to open up, unites and advances, carries on the past and makes unremitting efforts, seizes the good trend of economic development, strengthens exchanges with peers, makes friends with all walks of life, keeps pace with the times and creates greater brilliance of the enterprise, and makes its own contribution to the prosperity and development of the steel industry.

Wear resistant steel plate has excellent low temperature toughness, so it can be used in large welding structure and low temperature environment. Moreover, there are many kinds of wear-resistant steel plate, corten a steel mechanical property in operation control, especially in the factory building. Wear resistant steel plate is widely used in construction and steel pipe industry, which is one of the most important products in the industry. It is composed of low-carbon steel plate and alloy wear-resistant layer. The alloy wear-resistant layer is generally 1 / 3-1 / 2 of the total thickness.

The metallurgical quality of spring steel should reach the level of high quality steel. Due to the special requirements of production parts, corten a steel mechanical property, spring steel must have some characteristics. First, the fatigue resistance of spring steel is good, and it can be restored to its original state after repeated use without deformation. Second, good flexibility. Third, the tensile strength of spring steel is good, under the limit of being stretched, it can be restored without breaking.

In October 19th 2018, our Malaysia customer purchased 600 Tons CCS Grade AH36 mairne steel corten a steel mechanical property plates to use in their shipbuilding project .This customer is a famous shipyard company in Malaysia. Their company has the business scope of tourism, shipbuilding, transportation and so on. As a terminal manufacturer, they have strict requirements on quality for CCS Grade AH36 mairne steel plates. After visiting our steel milll, the customer is very satisfied with the quality of this batch of CCS Grade AH36 steel plates.

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