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The common cutting methods for corten a low cost


Standing at a new historical starting point, we adapt to the requirements of supply side corten a low cost structural reform, adhere to the overall strategy of "innovation driven, quality leading, quality improving and efficiency increasing, transformation and development", and constantly improve the development concept and development level with a forward-looking vision and grand vision. Now we have been ranked the International leading corten a low cost steel materials supplier.

Both the cross rolling method and the extrusion method must first heat the tube blank or ingot, and the steel tube produced is called hot rolling tube. Steel pipes produced by hot working can sometimes be cold worked as required. There are two methods of cold working: one is cold drawing, that is, drawing the corten a low cost steel pipe through the drawing die to make the steel pipe gradually thin and elongate; the other is cold rolling, which is the method of applying the hot rolling mill invented by the menesmann brothers to cold working. The cold working of corten a low cost seamless steel pipe can improve the size accuracy and finish of steel pipe, and improve the mechanical properties of materials.

The main raw material of corten a low cost, hot rolling coil is billet. After heating the billet, the strip made from the coarse and fine rolling mill is cooled to a certain temperature by specific cooling, and then the cooled steel strip is made into rolled steel strip by coiler. But generally, according to the buyer's demand, the manufacturer can further process the cooled steel strip into steel plate or flat coil and other products.

corten a low cost, S235J0W mechanical performance analysis:S235J0W thickness is not more than 16mm, yield strength is not less than 235MPa, tensile strength is 360MPa-510MPa;S235J0W thickness 16mm-40mm, yield strength not less than 225MPa, tensile strength 360MPa-510MPa;S235J0W thickness 40mm-100mm, yield strength not less than 215MPa, tensile strength 360MPa-510MPa;S235J0W thickness 100mm-150mm, yield strength not less than 195MPa, tensile strength 350MPa-500MPa.

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