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What is corten steel plate?


The unique appearance of corten steel plate and natural oxidation surface treatment make it particularly suitable for many construction projects. Corten steel (corten steel) is a group of alloy steels. The most famous trademark is corten steel plate. It was developed to avoid spray paint. If exposed to the weather for several years, it will form a stable rust-like appearance.

Compared with other steels, corten steel plate has improved atmospheric corrosion resistance. The corten steel plate forms a dark brown oxide layer on the metal surface to resist the corrosive effects of rain, snow, ice, fog and other meteorological conditions. This layer of oxide will inhibit deeper penetration, and it does not require paint and expensive Anti-rust maintenance. Simply put, let the steel rust, and the rust forms a protective coating to slow down future corrosion.

The corten steel plate is not stainless steel, and it will rust like ordinary carbon steel in the initial stage, but the situation is different in the later stage. After the corten steel plate is corroded for a period of time, due to the enrichment of trace elements such as Cu and P on the steel surface, a dense amorphous rust layer structure is formed, and it is very firmly combined with the matrix. This stabilized rust layer can resist the intrusion of moisture and harmful ions in the atmosphere to a certain extent, and prevent further corrosion of the base metal.

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